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diamond wheel
diamond wheel
We can supply metal bonded diamond, resin bonded diamond, vitrified bonded diamond ,CBN and related plating product are applying in the grinding wheel`s manufacture,and service in the fields of Aerospace , automobile, electron and stone processing etc......
CBN products used in the automotive engine industry`s crankshaft, cam and gear grinding and related components valves, pistons, piston rings, gearbox shaft, constant velocity universal joints, steering teeth, air conditioning compressor song car, eccentric car, piston And other parts of the grinding and aviation blades, turbine blades of the powerful molding mill, as well as electronic tooling and cutting tool industry, various types of tool grinding.
Development Trend of Superhard Grinding Wheel
1,High-speed, ultra-high speed: CBN grinding wheel`s actual speed can be reached 150-250m / s, the laboratory speed of 500m / s;
2, High precision: ultra-thin cutting wheel thickness of the accuracy of 0.00125μm
3, Ultra-thin: for integrated circuit scribing wheel thickness of 0.01mm;
4.High thickness: high diameter ratio of up to 1.5:1;
5, very small: micro-grinding head diameter of up to 50μm (sintering); 30μm (plating)
6, large working face: double-face grinding ceramic bonded agent`s disc surface diameter reached 1200mm;
7, ultra-fine: 12000 wafer back of the thinning wheel and DP (Dry polishing) wheel, processing integrated circuit silicon substrate, surface roughness Ra ≤ 4nm, material surface damage layer ≤ 2μm;
8, durable: no dressing, longer life.
9, specialization, serialization: for different processing and processing of research and development of abrasive objects, the design of special binder and formula, and formed a subdivision, the standardization of abrasive, binder series.
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