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Diamond / CBN belt
Diamond Belt Featured high-quality diamond, is the perfect combination of soft and strength. Both with high hardness of diamond, high wear resistance characteristics, But also has the flexibility of belt, our products Can be used with an extended wheel or belt drive, Diamond abrasive belt is particularly suitable for hard and brittle non-metallic materials and non-ferrous metal processing.It is widely used in the grinding of hard and brittle materials such as stone, building materials, glass, special ceramics, mono-crystalline silicon, poly-crystalline silicon, gemstone and silicon aluminum alloy and hard alloy, long service life, high grinding efficiency and good grinding quality. etc.
For the processing of granite, marble, tungsten cobalt or titanium cobalt alloy surface hardness of high materials, synthetic diamond or CBN is the best choice, Surface grinding of steel or cast iron parts and their plasma coatings on crankshaft journals, cams made of synthetic diamond or CBN in rolls or belts. Its efficiency several times higher than the average abrasive, In the final polishing of quartz electronic components also began to use diamond coated belt, Similarly, the gas turbine heat resistant alloy blades, complex surface parts and titanium alloy blades,etc. using of diamond or CBN super hard abrasive can obtain high efficiency.
BSD products can adapt to different customer`s process of sand belt, sand planting density,In the customer's application process to continuously optimize the quality of integration to form a stable, excellent compressive strength and impact toughness.
Excellent particle control and high purity synthetic diamond, CBN  and related particles and micro-powder can make our many customers`s processing site are more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Abrasive grain alignment, The sharpness of the product surface can ensure the best grinding performance,The surface of the abrasive distribution uniformity, combined with a special binder, Prevent deep lines and irregular lines,Have good chip removal capacity makes our products are not easy to plug. Durable, and can be sustained and durable grinding, it will help you to reduce your production costs.
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