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Diamond honing bar
Different customers have different honing process. Processing materials and differently heat treatment conditions, honing machine`s performance, accuracy of honing tool manufacture, Composition of honing oil and cleanliness degree, honing production technology and formula and other factors will be slightly different. Therefore, we integrate the optimization according to different customer applications, we can Provide a complete range of diamond and CBN abrasives,
We can provide the best customer tailored, long service life, high efficiency, good application effect of roughness honing.
Combined with the application of the honing process and customer case, we provide excellent strength and morphology of diamond abrasive and CBN.
CBN abrasive are widely used for the processing of iron family element materials, tool steel, mold steel, hardened steel, high temperature alloy steel, high chromium cast iron and other steel and super-hard heat-resistant alloy steel; Diamond processing non-metallic materials, mainly refers to cast iron, silicon aluminum alloy, bronze, brass alloy, copper, ceramics and other materials processing.
Honing is produced by our company`s metal bond diamond and CBN abrasive, as used in the processing of hardened steel or cast iron, the amount of abrasion is only 1 / 150-1 / 250 of ordinary oil-stone.the service Life is about 500 times than traditional silicon carbide abrasive, the efficiency is increased more than 2 times, the finish-surface can be improved 2-3 times. So that the honing efficiency and surface quality are further improved.
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