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Diamond Saw Blade
In a variety of hard and brittle materials processing methods, the cutting processing occupies an key important position. Such as, In the construction of decorative sheet metal and rock materials in the processing of precision components, Sawing machining is the first process of machining, Sawing processing costs accounted for more than 50% of the entire processing costs. At present, stone and other hard and brittle materials, are mainly use of a variety of diamond cutting tools.
As we know, diamond is the hardest material in nature. Its excellent performance in the stone and other hard and brittle materials,which makes it has a broad prospects in the field of cutting.
By observing the cutting performance and wear surface morphology of different diamond saw blades, Our company analyzed the relationship between tool wear patterns and tool wear properties and the tool cutting performance, So as to strengthen the single-particle diamond strength and wear-resistant performance improvements,Targeted to carry out particle size control, to ensure the increase of diamond cutting edge and micro fracture particles in the tool application, our company `s MBD-G series offers a wide range of customer applications.Ensured that the cutting performance is greatly improved of the customer processing technology . Our MBD-G series is widely used in glass, stone, bridge, asphalt pavement cutting, slotting and back down and other techniques.
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