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crystalline diamond compact
poly-crystalline diamond compact is Belonging to a new functional material, and  use of diamond powder and cemented carbide substrate in the ultra-high pressure and high temperature sintering. And it is a composite of diamond and cemented carbide matrix composites. Not only has the high hardness, high wear resistance and thermal conductivity of diamond, but also has the strength and impact toughness of hard alloy. The poly-crystalline diamond layer achieves good abrasion resistance and sharp edges, Carbide substrate with high strength and toughness, and it is easy to connect with the drill matrix. Widely used in oil drilling, geological exploration, drilling on the coal bit and machining tools and other industries.
Solutions for Synthetic Diamond Grit Blades
We offer a range of synthetic diamonds with different particle sizes and strengths, with high abrasion resistance, thermal stability and high impact toughness.To further improve the cutting performance, Synthetic diamond abrasives can be used as a working medium for drilling and blasting to penetrate the most rigid formations.PCD (poly-crystalline diamond) can be embedded in the drill bit and pick for large cutting or impact / impact surface, In order to achieve higher drilling rate and longer service life - its value in the remote areas of operation is more prominent.In the right application, PCD will provide unparalleled end-user productivity and excellent work-piece quality.
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