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Glass industry
The deep processing of glass involves cutting, chamfering, drilling, edging, grinding, polishing and other processes. It can be applied to diamond or resin grinding wheel, drill bit, grinding wheel, polishing wheel, polishing liquid. Control, optical, automotive, PC and other industries 
We are committed to providing the best super-hard abrasive solutions for the polishing of sapphire substrates . Since the sapphire ingots are cut, sliced, ground and thinned, we are always responsive to the demanding processing needs of our Customers demanding processing needs.
Our drill-cutting solutions
Our MB-G series and related plating products are excellent in automotive glass cutting and can be customized to meet our customer's requirements for high efficiency and long service life. , Reduce customer`s processing costs, improve the overall competitiveness of the terminal
Our drilling solutions
We recommend the use of high-quality, high-strength, wear-resistant diamond products, customers can produce the bond diamond drill, commonly used in a variety of glass, ceramics, stone and other hard materials drilling with performance of high drilling speed, long service life, well wear resistance,etc.
Our diamond wire cutting solution
According to customers 'different cutting technology and processing demand, we have successfully developed more lasting and durable special powder for diamond wire saw based on customers' strict requirements on quality, yield and cost reduction. Which can enhance the holding force of the bond to diamond, Reduce the material loss during the cutting process, In the field of application, our products showing excellent cutting efficiency, high quality of completion.
Our grinding and polishing solutions
We can provide the diamond powder and coating products are widely used in window grinding, substrate grinding. Sapphire wafers have high hardness, high light transmission characteristics, resulting in a high degree of difficulty in processing. For sapphire polishing, we provide poly-crystalline diamond, The particle distribution is uniform and non agglomeration, with the use of the polishing disc, the cutting speed is fast. Our products not only can improve the removal rate, improve the quality and surface finish roughness,but also Increase disk lubrication, reduce the consumption of polishing discs and reduce unit costs.
Our chamfer thinning solution
For sapphire substrate and chip chamfering, We provide metal sintering, plating binder chamfering with diamonds, which can meet a variety of different sizes of sapphire and other hard and brittle materials, our products also Suit for U-V variety of finished surface chamfering, good quality, long service life. We can provide the back thinning grinding wheel, copper polishing process related to the metal bond diamond particles and powder, resin bond diamond and CBN products, which have Superior grinding performance, cost-effective, due to our products Obviously improve the roughness of LED epitaxial wafer, so that we can replace imported products.
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