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high-speed rail industry
Rail grinding of high-speed railway is a new topic for our country, The wheel / rail power caused by the unevenness of the track will significantly increase the driving safety, smoothness and passenger comfort as the driving speed increases. For high-speed railway, some of the rail surface is not flat will reduce the comfort of the train, and may even lead to the destruction of the track and the vehicle and even the occurrence of traffic accidents.Therefore it must be strictly controlled.
Rail is the main component of rail transit. Rail and train wheel direct contact, the quality of its directly impact on the safety and stability of traffic. After the opening of the rail transit operations, Rail is in a bad environment for a long time. Due to the power of the train, the natural environment and the quality of the rail itself and other reasons. Rail is often damaged, such as cracks, wear and other phenomena, resulting in a reduction in the life of the rail, maintenance workload, increase maintenance costs, and even seriously affect traffic safety.

Therefore, it is necessary to timely eliminate or repair rail damage to avoid affecting the safety of rail transportation. These repair measures such as rail oil, rail grinding, etc., Because of its high efficiency, rail grinding is widely used in various countries in the world.
     Rail grinding is the first heavy-duty rail in order to extend the life of the rail developed for the purpose, Rail polish form from the initial repair to the maintenance of the development of polished to the now particularly popular "frequent, fast, light," the preventive grinding. The same for high-speed rail maintenance is also the implementation of rail grinding.The first rail grinding after the new track laying for the new high-speed rail is a new type of grinding, which is another type of grinding called "pre-grinding of the rail", which is completely different from the preventive rail grinding in the course of operation.
Rail grinding technology after years of application development, has been widely used in high-speed railway, heavy rail and urban rail rail maintenance maintenance, effectively extending the life of the rail. In the application process, need to pay attention to the following points:
1)rail grinding requirements (short-term rail life or long-term rail life);
2) The purpose of the rail grinding (to reduce noise or reduce wear and tear);
3)The strategy used for grinding the rails (grinding strategy, number of grinding, grinding mode, etc.)
4)Different grinding purposes, it is necessary to use different grinding strategies, while the effect of rail grinding requires a long time observation.
Rail grinding is a relatively expensive means of operation, its application must be linked with the expected economic benefits. The effects of rail grinding applications are as follows:
1)to increase the rail 50% -100% of the service life;
2)reduce the risk of rail failure;
3)Reduces the rate of deterioration of wheels, track components, and orbital geometry
4)to allow the train to run at a higher speed;
5)Reduce rail noise.

When the grinding wheel is used as a grinding tool, the grinding wheel and the rail are rigid.
therefore, the grinding control technology requirements are higher, and the grinding wheel grinding steel rail by its sharp cutting performance, the grinding wheel formula and manufacturing process requirements are higher.
Between the belt and the rail is a flexible contact, to avoid the grinding wheel and rail rigid contact, And the abrasive belt belongs to the coating abrasive, the grinding process improves the effective utilization rate of the abrasive.Abrasive belt cooling is good, noise is small, When grinding the rail, the surface of the rail will not burn, Grinding tool broken, etc.
After preventive grinding of rails and switches, the service life of the rail can be extended for 3 to 5 years. Not only improve the quality of the line equipment, reduce transportation costs,But also greatly improved the smooth operation of trains, so that passengers traveling by train are more comfortable.
Diamond, cubic boron nitride is the world's highest hardness of the two materials, Hardness, wear resistance, and it is used as abrasive to hard, brittle and other difficult to process the workpiece.Consumption is extremely small, Not only can ensure the accuracy of the workpiece, but also improve the processing time, meanwhile effectively solve the problem of environmental pollution. Therefore, the following is trends:
Diamond abrasives will replace ordinary silicon carbide abrasive; CBN abrasive will replace the ordinary corundum abrasive
Diamond Belt: for stone, glass, ceramics, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, synthetic materials, hard alloy, aluminum and other hard and brittle materials complex surface grinding and polishing process.
CBN belt: all kinds of iron-based alloys, titanium, stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, (nickel-based and cobalt-based alloys), hard and tough materials and complex complex surface grinding and polishing of the workpiece.
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