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Semiconductor industry
Electronic information industry is the leading of national economic development, while the integrated circuit is the core and foundation of electronic information industry ,which has an important strategic significance for our country`s economic developing.
At present, more than 95% of semiconductor devices and more than 99% of integrated circuits are made of silicon material. To meet the chip miniaturization, high-density, high-digital and system integration requirements. On the chip diameter, flattening the line width and the number of metal interconnect layer put forward higher requirements, This also puts forward higher requirements for wafer precision machining.Our metal bond diamond and resin bond diamond and related coating product line can provide complete industry chain precision customization service.
1, We can offer special micro powder for diamond grinding wheel used in silicon wafer processing.
In the silicon-based semiconductor device manufacturing process, there are two main aspects of diamond grinding wheel to use:
On the one hand can be used for etching the silicon wafer grinding, the purpose is to improve the polishing process to the silicon wafer in the library of flatness, reducing the amount of silicon wafer polishing process;

On the another hand,using for thinning the wafer thickness overall before the dicing process. With the growing demand for smart cards and smart labels on the market, there is an increasing demand for thin, flexible silicon chips that require more backside grinding. Therefore, more back grinding is required.
2, We provide the diamond wire cutting silicon, silicon evolution, truncated core with the milling
Diamond wire cutting can enhance the silicon evolution and truncation of the production capacity, it is the best alternative to traditional mortar cutting。
Advantages: 1, cutting speed, cutting speed is mortar cutting 2-3 times. 2, clean and efficient production. 3, compared with the traditional mortar cutting, diamond wire consumption is lower, and electricity and water consumption is lower in the production process.4, stable quality, good reproducibility. 5, good cutting precision, high quality of cutting surface ; 6, less surface line.
we provide wafer chamfering and round-edge grinding wheel spacial diamond powder
The outer edge of a wafer cut by a wire cut or an inside cutting saw blade is very sharp, To avoid corner crack affect wafer strength, Damage to the surface smooth and caused pollution to the processed, You must use special CNC equipment to automatically trim the edge of the wafer, shape and diameter size.
Solar cells can use silicon casting surface grinding wheel, resin, metal-bonded surface grinding wheel, diamond wire is Very suitable for high-efficiency processing of silicon castings.
四、we provide the back of the wafer thinning wheel special diamond powder

Thinning the back of the wafer can be used when grinding the back of the diamond grinding wheel grinding, which can be divided into coarse grinding and fine grinding. The diamond grinding wheel of rough grinding, this type of grinding wheel including the ceramic bond and resin bond two categories, which Mainly used in the production of integrated circuits, discrete devices in the process of wafer back or front wafer thin grinding.The ceramic bond is mainly used for rough grinding, resin bond for semi - finish, fine grinding.
五、we provide a special chip dicing knife diamond powder
Our resin-bonded and metal-bonded diamond powders can meet the precision cutting requirements of the front and end dicing processes. Ultra-fine abrasive dispersed technology, Can  complete the  difficult  chamfer cutting and staircase cutting . In the customer application reflects excellent performance.such as, high toughness, high precision, ultra-thin, long service life, easy to use .etc.
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