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Stone industry
In order to maximize the potential to meet customer needs, Not only can we provide high-end plated MBD-G diamonds for increased holding power and tool `s longer life, While we also can provide a variety of different strength and size of synthetic diamond products. To meet our customer`s  demand for higher performance and lower production costs as well as thto develop  a new end-users. So that our customers can have competitive advantage in the market 
Our products are in the field of construction and stone cutting blade solutions
More durable cutting material, For tool end users and manufacturers which means lower costs, a gradual increase in productivity, Can help customers improve the performance of finished tools and reduce tool manufacturing costs.
We have successfully developed a more control of the MBD-G synthetic diamond abrasive,  which has excellent thermal stability and are Used to deal with a variety of different hardness of the aggregates. The products provide optimum performance for sawing, cutting, grinding, polishing, foundation drilling, trenching, wall cutting, tunneling and soil consolidation. 
Our products provide solutions for stone and concrete polishing
In order to meet the consumer's aesthetic,The stone industry needs to cut the plate after further polishing,We offer special powder for metal bond grinding block, With a good sharp degree , long life, high efficiency, Widely used in terrazzo floor, marble, granite, refractory bricks, terrazzo and concrete products and non-metallic hard and brittle materials with high-efficiency grinding and polishing.
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